Cadence Sensor

Working with smart phone, the cadence sensor could log the cadence speed of bike during exercise. Cadence speed is an important information for the training of biking and understand your ride.

This cadence sensor is compatible with...

Coffee Scale

Good coffee could be shared now!

We hack the process of brewing coffee, and bring you a brand new experience of making good coffee. For some people, brewing coffee is an art; for some, it is a chemical extraction process. But for m...

Curo - a Great Motion Tracker

Do you know how fast is your smash on Tennis court or bat swing?

The motion tracker may attached to any sporting equipment and get the data to your smart phone. With rechargeable Li-ion battery and our low power technology, it...


Steven Lee


More than 10 years experience of system engineering and management, his vision is to build a bottom-up innovative company with design thinking.

Stampy Lin

Kind Manager

Manger with extensive experience in project control, analysis, design, development of software and firmware to the extent, quality control, teamwork and support.

Rachel Lee

Attack on Engineer

Hardware engineer, loves to develop something good to the world.

Ryan Chen

Full-stack Engineer

Software engineer with solid experience in ios development and mobile api design. Opennes and adaption to agile development, change, teamwork.